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What is this website?
The Promoter Hub is where you as a promoter can submit guestlists for each venue where you are running a night or where you are employed. You will be able to submit these lists and see statistics for each of them after the night is over.
Who can use this website?
You or any of the people in your promoter team/company can use this application although you must have an account created for you by the owner of a MyGuestlist account (which of course can be yourself as well if you sign up for MyGuestlist or have an account)
How can I signup?
If you already have a Promoter Hub account, you can start right away by clicking the Login button above. Otherwise, you'll need ask the venue/s which you work at to create one for you.
What is MyGuestlist?
MyGuestlist is an intelligent world first multi-channel Social Media Marketing and Guestlist Management Platform. It uses data from Facebook, Twitter, your own website, iPhones, iPads, QR codes and offline for you to grow and manage your patrons, guestlists and social media databases as well as communicate to them in new and fresh ways.

Using MyGuestlist you can grow, filter, clean and complete your database by integrating with Facebook, automating and capturing guestlists, using QR codes in-venue, having iPhone & iPad app integrations, having access to intelligent data algorithms and heaps heaps more. You can then communicate via targeted, non-spam E-Newsletters, SMS, MMS, Facebook Wall Posts and Tweets to your customers and patrons based on the likes, interests, age and/or any other defining properties or characteristics of a customer or patron

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